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Mission: HolyokeC3 was created as a hub for Five Colleges-Holyoke partnerships.

The website serves the following main purposes:

  • New home for the Holyoke Campus Community Compact
  • Improve coordination of Five Colleges (UMASS, Amherst College, Mt. Holyoke College, Smith College, Hampshire College) students entering Holyoke by initiating a Campus Compact principle of filtering students, faculty, and staff through a main CBL or CSL office on each campus who has direct contact with the community. Any prospective college partner should first initiate contact with their campus office before partnering with an organization. A Holyoke partner has the right to ask the campus partner to orient themselves to the history of the campus-community partnership, and the current relationship with that particular campus, first through their CBL/CSL office on campus. (See Campus Contacts)
  • Provide a search engine for students, faculty, and staff to find placement opportunities at community organizations that post volunteer, internship, research, tutor, and mentor opportunities.
  • Create coordination and training support of Five Colleges Tutors and Mentors serving primarily in Holyoke Public Schools and after-school organizations to create a shared system of support for Holyoke youth. This site will host information for Five Colleges Tutor-Mentor trainings, as well as a shared calendar of trainings hosted at any college campus and community organization.
  • Serve as a place for social networking, connecting to a greater community of people working around common issues and goals, to share transportation, upcoming events, discussion, and ideas.

Contacts: Please contact Victor Rojas at the Boys and Girls Club ( for any website administrative questions, or the Five Colleges Community Based Learning Committee ( for any content-based questions.


Campus Community Compact

The Campus Community Compact is a document that articulates the key principles to building mutually-beneficial partnerships between campuses and the community.  It developed out of a multi-year long process. Please read the compact itself and other documentation below.


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