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    Find information and volunteer opportunities by visiting our Community Opportunities tab and browsing available opportunities.

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      Find volunteer opportunities by browsing available ones under our Community Opportunities tab.

      Get Involved by contacting the community program directly.  Their information can be found at Holyoke Unites.

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      This site is the main hub for partnerships between the Five Colleges and Holyoke Community College, and Community Programs, Schools, and Agencies in Greater Holyoke, Massachusetts. As the new home for the Holyoke Campus Community Compact, a document which provides guidelines and key principles for a productive and reciprocal campus-community partnership, HolyokeC3 aims to carry-out the Compact’s mission. Representing nearly 10 years of collaboration, the Holyoke Campus Community Compact serves as a living document for all partners to read, revise, and refer to throughout their partnership work. Please read about the Compact and all articles pertaining to its history and creation process under the “About HolyokeC3” tab.

      Students, faculty, and staff from the colleges can learn about and investigate service opportunities and community programs through the information posted here, and can then contact their campus Community Service Learning office to begin outreach to the organization. As expressed in the Compact by Holyoke community partners, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to enter the community through a campus office which already knows, communicates, and supports that community partner. Through this method the campus-community partnerships can be supervised and supported by the campus to ensure productive, sustainable, and reciprocal relationships.

      Community Programs are encouraged to post service opportunities of all types including tutors, mentors, interns, researchers, and general volunteers. Please carefully read the template outlining the criteria needed for a posting to be complete. The site is intended to be a resource for community partners seeking campus contact information, a shared calendar to post student trainings or events open to the colleges, and as a general link to the campuses.

      Please contact Victor Rojas at the Boys and Girls Club ( for any website administrative questions, or the Five Colleges Community Based Learning Committee ( for any content-based questions.  

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